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4 Ways to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode 2019 (100% Work)by  Joan J. Mims  |  Saturday February-16 2019  14:28:34
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Fingerprint and Face id can be used to unlock an iPhone, however, accidents always happen for no time. You may still need a password to unlock the device. It should be a troublesome thing if screen password is forgotten whenever it is for iPhone users or Android users. If the iPhone users try to unlock the screen for 6 times with incorrect password, the device will automatically lock up and and become bricked eventually. Luckily, there are 5 ways we can try to unlock iPhone without passcode.

1. Restore iPhone with iTunes Backup to Erase Passcode

This method is the most commonly used method choice on condition that the locked iPhone has been backed up with iTunes before. So here is how you can do it:

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to the computer that has previously connected to iTunes, wait for iTunes to sync and back up the device.

Step 2. If iTunes asks for a password, this method may not apply to you. But if iTunes does not request you to enter the password, then you can select “Restore Backup” in the “Summary” tab.

Step 3. After waiting for the restore process to be completed, you can reset the iPhone password.

restore ios system

2. Unlock iPhone Using Recovery Mode

If you have never synced your iPhone or iPad with your computer before, or if you have "Find My iPhone" enabled, this second trick is exactly for you: Enter recovery mode, erase everything on the device and update software version at the same time. And the password will also be deleted during this process. Here are the steps below:

Step 1. Plug your iPhone or iPad into any computer, then run iTunes.

Step 2. Next, we have to put the device into recovery mode. The process depends on the type of device you have:

For iPhone XS/XR/XS Max/X/8: Press and release the volume up button quickly. Then press and release the volume down button quickly. Finally, hold down the Side button until you see the Recovery Mode screen on your iPhone.

For iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. Keep it until you see the recovery mode screen on your iPhone.

For iPhone 6s or earlier version: Press and hold the Home button and the power button at the same time. Keep it until you see the recovery mode screen on your device.

Step 3. iTunes will display a pop-up window stating "There is a problem with the iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) that needs to be updated or restored." Click "Restore". iTunes will download the correct software version and install it on your device.

Step 4. If the download process takes more than 15 minutes, your device will automatically restart. If so, just repeat the steps 3 and 4 above.

Step 5. After the recovery process is complete, safely unplug the device and continue the setup process. If you have previously backed up this device using iCloud (you should do this), you will have the opportunity to set up your device with the last backup. Otherwise, you still honestly start from 0.

put iphone into recovery mode

3. Unlock iPhone Without Passcode via Find My iPhone

If you have previously enabled "Find My iPhone" on your iPhone or iPad, you can unlock the iPhone in a faster way. Just follow the instructions below to use the "Find My iPhone" to remote remove device passcode. And, if your device is lost or stolen, it can also quickly restore your iPhone or iPad without computer. Once the device is restored, simply follow the setup process and recover from the previous iCloud backup (if available).

Step 1. Ensure that the locked iPhone is connected with stable network.

Step 2. Open "Find My iPhone" app on another Apple device or on computer. Log in to your own Apple ID and you'll be able to see your own device.

Step 3. Select ‘Erase iPhone’, then all the data and settings on your iPhone (including the screen passcode) will be erased.

4. Unlock iPhone Passcode with 3-rd Party Software

It could be annoying to unlock iPhone without passcode. If you tried the solutions above but still haven’t remove the password, you should try one of the best unlock program called ‘iOS System Recovery’. When you get an error of iPhone system or you forgot your iPhone screen passcode, this program will come in handy. This program is developed to remove all iOS issues that prevent your device from working normally.

Features of iOS Repair Tool:

  • You can easily unlock any disabled iOS devices you want without passcode (No Data Loss). 
  • Fix all iOS issues annoying you much, such as your iPhone black screen issue, iPhone bricked, DFU/Recovery mode, etc, 
  • It is completely compatible with iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. 
  • It updates regularly and is now available with iOS 12, 12.1. 


Steps to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode with This Tool

Here are the step-by-step guide to unlock your iPhone password with this iPhone system recovery.

Step 1. The 1ast thing you need to do is to download and install the program on your computer. Run the software and choose ‘iOS System Recovery’.

choose ios system recovery

Step 2. You should connect your iPhone to computer and click ‘Start’.

Step 3. Enter your device into DFU mode.


Step 3. Your iPhone information will be displayed on the screen when it is put into DFU mode, such as the iOS version and device version. Verify the information and click on ‘Repair’ button.


Step 4. It will take for a while for the unlock process. After the process, the screen password will be removed and get rebooted.

unlock iphone passcode

We have shared 4 ways to you, have you got it? In fact, to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is best to set up a relatively simple password that you can remember. On your daily life, you can also try to unlock your password to consolidate your memory.