3 Effective Methods to Reset iPhone without Passcode in 2020

"I forgot my iPhone 11 passcode, can I reset iPhone without passcode? How?"

After using an iPhone for a long time, we may always think of resetting the device to solve many hard problems. So, do you want to reset your iPhone? How to reset? What does it mean to reset iPhone? It means that the iPhone will be reset to factory settings. After the device is reset, all the data stored on the mobile phone will be deleted, including the photos, videos, contacts, call history, etc.

Why is it necessary to reset iPhone sometimes? Is there any change to reset iPhone without passcode? The answers are as below:

1. Reasons to Reset iPhone without Passcode

It is never easy to factory reset an iPhone. What is unpredictable is that iPhone apps or iOS system will go wrong after factory reset the device. However, it is still not unavoidable to perform the factory reset under some scenarios:

  • If you got a new mobile device, you may need to sell the old iPhone. But before settings the device, it is better to reset the device to erase all the personal information to avoid compromising sensitive information.
  • You don’t remember any password information to unlock your iPhone, you can easily erase the passcode by factory reset iPhone.
  • Factory reset iPhone is also an effective solution to troubleshoot iOS system issues if the iPhone is stuck on black screen, or having other problems.
  • If you need to restore your iPhone from iTunes/iCloud backup without computer, you have to perform the factory reset first.

2. How to Reset iPhone without Passcode

Reset the iPhone will erase all the data stored on the device. It is suggested to back up your iPhone data in advance so that you can restore your data after resetting. There are two common ways to back up iPhone data.

Via iCloud: Open the Settings app and select iCloud. Scroll down and click on the "Backup" option. Click "Backup Now" to save all the data to your iCloud account.

back up iphone before downgrading

Via iTunes: Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. Select your iPhone from the row of buttons above, select "This computer" and click "Backup Now" to back up your iPhone data to your computer, including photos and videos.


After backing up the iPhone data, you can now factory reset your iPhone without password by following the solutions below.

2.1 Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode Using iTunes

Forgot the iPhone screen password, can't use the iPhone anymore? Can't sign in to certain apps or websites? Then you have to reset your iPhone with iTunes.

Step 1. If you can't remember the screen password, you can put the iPhone to recovery mode: Shut down the device, then keep pressing the Home button while connecting your phone to your computer. Start iTunes and continue to press the Home button until the iTunes icon appears on the iPhone screen. Now you can restore your iPhone with iTunes.

put iphone into recovery mode

Step 2. iTunes will detect that the device is in Recovery mode. click the "OK" to confirm before restoring with iTunes.

Step 3. After the restoring process, the iPhone will be reset to factory settings.

itunes recovery mode

2.2 Factory Reset iPhone without Password via Find My iPhone

Your iPhone is disabled and you don’t have a computer in hand to reset the iPhone? Don't worry, you can also remotely reset your iPhone with "Find My iPhone”.

Step 1. Go to the icloud.com/find and log in to the website with your Apple ID on your iPhone. You can also log in as a guest on another Apple device to use the "Find My iPhone" app.

Step 2. Click on the "All Devices" menu and select your iPhone.

Step 3. Click the "Erase iPhone" button. Your iPhone will start to reset automatically.

erase iphone

2.3 Factory Reset iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

Your iPhone is locked and you input the password trying to unlock the device, the device may be disabled if the password is not correct. Factory reset the disabled iPhone without password will be the best method for you.

If the solutions above are not useful to bypass the screen password, then FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker is a 100% safe program for you if your iPhone passcode not working or you want to unlock iPhone with broken screen, etc. Not only screen passcode, this unlock tool can also remove iCloud activation lock for you.


How to reset iPhone without password with FoneGeek unlock program

Step 1. Before performing the factory reset, it is required to download and install FoneGeek unlock tool onto your computer. After launching it, select "Unlock" on the main screen and then click on "Unlock Screen Passcode".

unlock screen passcode

Step 2. Connect the locked iPhone that you need to reset the system with an USB cable.

Step 3. Your iPhone may not be detected since it is locked. If so, let the iPhone be into DFU mode and confirm the iPhone information. Then click on "Download" button to verify the firmware package and download it for your iPhone.

enter dfu mode

download firmware

Step 4. FoneGeek unlock program will unlock the iPhone and factory reset the device.

start to unlock

successfully unlock screen passcode

3. How to Recover Data after Factory Reset iPhone

Most iPhone users know that they can back up and restore their iPhone data with iTunes and iCloud. However, it is inconvenient to recover data from iTunes/iCloud backup. There are so many professional iPhone Data Recovery tools that you can use. One of the best tool for you is FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery that has the highest recovery rate for you to selectively recover contacts, text messages, photos, videos, notes, etc from locked iPhone.


Core Feature of FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery:

  • Supports to recover up to 22+ types of files on iOS devices, including iPhone app data and social app data.
  • Selectively recover deleted data without data loss.
  • Preview all the deleted and other data saved on the locked iPhone for free.
  • 3 recovery modes are provided: recover from iOS devices/from iTunes backup/from iCloud backup.
  • Extract data from iTunes/iCloud backup selectively.

recover photos iphone


You can use the ways above to factory reset iPhone without passclode and recover iPhone data after factory reset.


By Edwin J. Parke

Posted on Mar 03, 2019, 19:48:53

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