How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone/iPad

iPhone users tend to take videos with the built-in camera app to record daily precious memories. Like many other users, Have you had the experience of accidentally deleting important files from your iPhone or iPad? In general, iPhone data can easily get lost due to jailbreak, unreasonable synchronization, iOS 14 update, etc. So you might ask: how do I recover the videos that I deleted by accident? There are 3 effective ways to recover deleted videos from iphone, depending on what resources you have on hand. (for example, you have an iTunes/iCloud backup or have a great recovery software).

Actually, deleted data on iPhone are still saved to the internal database. You have great opportunity to get them back unless they are overwritten. In other word, the deleted videos can be retrieved from the device directly with a 3rd-party tool. This easy-to-use iPhone Data Recovery is introduced and recommended. With this powerful FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery tool, you have chances to recover almost all of the data on iPhone, including the built-in app data, 3-party app data, such as contacts, photos, videos, messages, whatsApp messages, viber, kik messages, notes, voice memos, etc. Here is how we can easily recover deleted video from the iPhone.


Download the free trial version of iPhone Data Recovery below, the free trial enables to preview the deleted videos in advance:

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone without Backup

Step 1. Open up this software and select "Recover Data from iOS Devices". Connect your iPhone to computer with an original USB cable. When it is detected, the software will deeply analyze and scan the iPhone data automatically.

select a data type

Step 2. The scanning time depends on the data size on iPhone. Once the scan has finished, all files will be listed in category. Click Videos from the sidebar and you'll be able to preview the thumbnails of the videos. Then click the "Recover to PC" button to download the videos on computer to play.

recover videos from iphone without backup

Part 2. How to Recover iPhone Videos from iTunes Backup

If your have ever backed up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud, you may also try to recover deleted videos from iTunes or iCloud backup without the iPhone in hand. The iTunes and iCloud will copy the content of the whole data of your iPhone, what you need is to get the backup. Restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup is exactly the first choices to retain the backup file, nevertheless, it is not allowed to check the backup in advance. What's worse, the previous backup will be overwritten and erased permanently. Therefore, what you need is still the iPhone Data Recovery introduced.

Step 1. Select the recovery option of "Recover Data from iTunes Backup" from the left penal. The software will detect and list all the iTunes backup that you made before on this computer. Choose the most relevant backup according to the backup name, time or data size (It is usually the latest one). Click "Next" to scan.

select an itunes backup

Step 2. The scanning process will last for a while. After the scan, click Video tab from all the data types displayed on the sidebar, all the deleted and existing videos in the iTunes backup will be listed for you to check. After the browsing, click on "Recover to PC" button to export the videos and save them on any destination on your computer.

recover deleted iphone videos from itunes

Part 3. How to Recover iPhone Videos from iCloud Backup

If find no iTunes backup or you have iTunes backup but find no the videos you lost from the iTunes backup, recover from iCloud may be the last chance to get the lost videos back. Follow the steps below to learn how to extract and recover videos from iCloud backup with iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 1. Switch to "Recover Data from iCloud" tab from the main window of this iPhone Data Recovery. Enter the Apple ID and password so that the software will be able to access your iCloud backup.

log into icloud

Step 2. Sorry that the iCloud backup can’t be obtained temporarily due to Apple server restrictions. And we will try our best to solve this problem, do please expect.

choose an icloud backup

After going through the post, you will learn how to easily recover deleted videos from iphone with FoneGeek iPhone Data Recovery. It is necessary to back up your iPhone data before trying to save the lost videos in case of any other data loss.


By Edwin J. Parke

Posted on May 05, 2018, 14:44:13

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