3 Ways to Recover Deleted Reminders on iPhone (iOS 13 Supported)

For iOS users who are busy all day at work, they will need to set reminders in their daily life. “Reminders” is an important feature of iPhone that reminds users what to do in the future. However, it will bring much inconvenience to your life if the reminders are lost. When this happens, you may need to recover deleted reminders on iPhone.

However perfect the iOS system is, the data loss could still be avoided. If you have lost your reminders recently, the most possible cause may be that you have chosen to restore the iPhone system to factory settings to fixing other issues occurred on the device. If you have used an iPhone or iPad for a long time, you will definitely know that restore an iPhone to factory settings means that all of the files and settings saved on the device previously will be wiped out.

Another reason that the reminders get lost may be the iOS 13/12 upgrade. Many iOS users complain that they lost different data after upgrading to the new iOS version.

Here is another thing you should noticed, the iCloud will automatically back up your iPhone when the device is connected to wifi, charged. It means that the new iCloud backup may overwrite the deleted remainders saved in the old iCloud backup.

If you are in desperately need of a way to recover deleted reminders on iPhone, here are some free ways to recover lost reminders or calendars from your iPhone.

1. Recover Deleted Reminders on iPhone via iCloud

If you are looking for a free and straightforward way to recover deleted reminders on iPhone, here it is.

iCloud is one of the most frequently used method to recover lost data on iPhone.

An iCloud account must be created and signed in on every iOS device to activate the device and back up the device data for free. You will really be in good luck if you have enabled iCloud backup before. With iCloud backup, you can easily get back deleted reminders as soon as possible. Here are the steps how you can restore lost reminders from iCloud backup:

Step 1. Visit the website of iCloud.com and sign in iCloud with your Apple account.

Step 2. Tap on Settings icon, click ‘Advanced’ option and select ‘Restore Calendars and Reminders’ option.

Step 3. Then a message will pop up showing several restorable data. Next, choosing the latest backup file and tap on ‘Restore’.

Step 4. You will be reminded that the reminders saved on your device will be wiped up to restore. Click the restore to continue.

restore reminders and calendars from icloud

It is said to be the most convenient method to recover your deleted reminders. If there is no ‘No archives available’, it means that iCloud fails to back up your reminders. You will need jump to the 2nd solutions.

2. Retrieve Reminders on iPhone without Backup Using a Free Tool

PR iPhone Data Recovery is one of the most reliable recovery software for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to recover deleted or lost reminders, text messages, iMessages, photos, videos, notes, voice memos, WhatsApp messages, Kik history, Viber messages, call logs and up to 20 types of data. It is perfectly compatible with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, etc along with the newest iOS 13/12.


Step 1. Download to PC

After downloading the PR application on your computer or laptop, launch it and choose ‘iPhone Data Recovery’.

select iphone data recovery

Step 2. Connect the Device to PC

Now you will be forced to connect the device to your computer or laptop. And the program will notify you after the successful connection.

connect iphoen to pc

Step 3. Start to Scan

Trigger the scan button and the program will analyze and check the deleted reminders and other data that you deleted.

Once the scanning process is completed, the scanning results will be displayed on the application below. Click ‘Reminders’ from the categorized data type. All the reminders will be listed, including the current and deleted reminders.

After clicking the Recover tab, the selected reminders will be recovered on your computer.

export text messages to pc

You can choose to save the reminders as the format of csv or html. We suggest you export them as the format of html so that you will be able to view the deleted reminders from the browser on your computer.

Above are the steps to recover reminders from iPhone directly with PR iPhone Data Recovery.

Considering that someone may not be able to recover directly from iPhone if their devices are broken and they will have no access to the iPhone data anymore. In this situation, they have no other ways but choose to recover from iTunes or iCloud backup.

3. Selectively Restore Reminders on iPhone via iTunes

If you have frequently synced your iPhone data and content using iTunes, you can easily get deleted reminders via the ‘Recover from iTunes Backup’ feature of this PR iPhone Data Recovery.

Firstly, download PR iPhone Data Recovery software on one computer the you have backed up your iPhone with iTunes before.

Step 1. Launch it and choose ‘iPhone Data Recovery’ on the main screen.

select iphone data recovery

Step 2. On the left panel of the interface, choose the recovery mode of ‘Recover from iTunes Backup’.

recover from itunes backup

Step 3. Every iTunes backup file listed here may contain the reminders that you deleted. Choose the latest iTunes backup that stores the reminders.

Step 4. If the iTunes backup is encrypted with a password, you will need to unlock the iTunes backup first.

Step 5. After selecting an iTunes backup, click ‘Next’ button and the iOS data recovery will deeply scan the data that you selected. After the scanning, collect the data and export them on your computer.

recover iphone reminders from itunes

Besides, this software can also be used to preview your iCloud backup and recover deleted reminders from iCloud backup. Selectively restore from iCloud backup with PR iPhone Data Recovery without wiping up the current data on your iOS devices. You are welcome to leave your feedback or comments below if you have more solutions below.


By Fay J. Melton

Posted on Apr 04, 2019, 23:04:30

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