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How to Downgrade from iOS 12 Without iTunes (2019 Updated)

by  Joan J. Mims  |  Friday April-12 2019  23:23:03

The latest and newest iOS operations system is iOS 12, 12.1, 12.2. We know that this new version brings a great many excellent features to improve the iOS devices’ performance. At the same time, it also brings unpredictable bugs and problems to the iOS running system. After trying all the potential tricks that introduced online, this kind of bugs may still not be dealt with. In this case, downgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 11 or older versions may work for it.

We hear several users’ voice that they do not want to perform the iOS downgrade on computer. It is also the reason why this article is posted, to help users who choose to downgrade from iOS 12 without computer.

1. Quick Note Before Downgrade

That make the full backup of the complete iPhone or iPad data is recommended on prior to downgrading from iOS 12 to iOS 11.4, 11, etc. After all, it is quite easy to downgrade iOS version, but it always results in data loss. Thus to avoid data loss, you may need to make the full backup of iPhone first.

After releasing the newest version of iOS 12, 12.1 and iOS 12.2, Apple may turn off the authentication of previous iOS versions. It means that a great many users may not have the chance to downgrade iOS to previous iOS 11, 10, etc.

2. Is It Possible to Downgrade iOS 12 to iOS 11.4/11

If you are outside home or office and don’t have a computer or laptop in hand, you may worry about whether it is possible to downgrade from iOS 12 without computer. The fact is that it is impossible to perform that. Computer is always the primary requisite of downgrading iOS version with iTunes or other 3rd-party software. Anyone who informs you that they can downgrade from iOS 12 without computer must be lying to you.

3. How to Downgrade from iOS 12 with iTunes (The Most Used Way)

Step 1. Disable Find My iPhone

Before restoring or downgrading iOS system with iTunes, ‘Find My iPhone’ should be turned off. If you forgot it, you will also be prompted to disable this feature when the iPhone data and content are erased.

First off all, go to Settings app on iPhone and click the device name, then tick ‘iCloud’ to turn off ‘Find My iPhone’ option.

Step 2. Download Corresponding IPSW File

Then, you need to download the exact IPSW File for a particular iOS version. We list the IPSW File of iOS 11.4 for different iPhone and iPad devices. Choose the most suitable one and download it on your computer.

Step 3. Downgrade iOS 12 with iTunes

After downloading the IPSW File on the computer, run iTunes and using a lighting USB cable to connect the iPhone with iTunes.

After the connection, the iPhone icon should be appeared in the sidebar of iTunes. You should click the phone icon then go to ‘Summary’ screen and tap on ‘Restore iPhone’ button. A frame will appear requiring you to select the IPSW File that you just downloaded, then click ‘Restore’ to install the old iOS 11.4 version on your computer.

When your iPhone reboots, you should find that the iOS version is downgraded to iOS 11.4.

4. Downgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 11.4/11 Without iTunes (The Best Way)

You may now have a good knowledge of downgrade from iOS 12 with iTunes. However, various errors always occur to disturb the downgrade process with iTunes. In such a case, PR iOS System Recovery shall be put to use.


Check for the detailed steps below to downgrade iOS 12 without iTunes.

Step 1. Download PR iOS System Recovery

PR iOS System Recovery shall be downloaded on the computer first. Then launch this toolkit and select ‘iOS System Recovery’.

choose ios system recovery

Step 2. Put iPhone in DFU Mode

Connect the iPhone with computer using an USB cable. The program shall detect it later. Them click ‘Next’ and enter the iPhone into DFU mode.

put device into dfu mode

Step 3. Downgrade iOS 12 to iOS 11

After detecting that the device is put into DFU mode, the newest iOS version shall be detected as well. Select an older iOS version available from the drop -down box, and the click ‘Repair’ button. When the repair process is accomplished, you will notice that the iOS version has been downgraded to an older version.

fix iOS system

To make a comparison between iTunes and PR iOS System Recovery, the latter is much user friendly to downgrade iOS 12 in one click. What do you think?