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iPhone Stuck on Press Home to Upgrade in iOS 12? How to Fix it

by  Edwin J. Parke  |  Tuesday September-25 2018  10:53:55

Currently, Apple has released the latest iOS 12, and many iOS users have upgraded their devices to the newest iOS system. There are a small number of users run into the problem that their iPhone is stuck on press home to upgrade, then the screen goes completely unresponsive or even crashes. So far, Apple has officially acknowledged the bug and given its users some official advices.

Part 1. Tips to Fix iPhone Stuck on Press Home to Upgrade Issue

1. Force Reboot iPhone

If your iPhone is stuck on press home to upgrade when installing iOS 12, you can try to press the [power + Home screen] button at the same time to force a reboot until the white apple icon appears on the screen.

If the iPhone is still stuck on press home to upgrade after rebooting, repeat the above method and restart your device for more than three times.

2. Restore iPhone System

If it doesn't work after multiple reboots, the next step is to restore the system for the iPhone. It is important to note that once the system is restored, all the original data on the phone will be erased, such as the address book, SMS, music, videos and other content. If you have finally decided to restore the system after conscious deliberation, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Firstly, you need to install the iTunes software on it. If not, you can go to apple's website and download the latest iTunes software.

Step 2. Using an USB cable to connect your iPhone to computer. At this time, the computer cannot recognize the phone, and you need to hold down the HOME+ power button to restart the phone.

Step 3. Don not release the 2 buttons until the icon of ‘Connect to iTunes’ appears on the screen. And the iTunes will detect that your iPhone is in Recovery Mode.

Step 4. Next, click the "restore iPhone" button in the iTunes window. You will be prompted to restore and update the iPhone. Tap on ‘Restore’ to carry on the process.

restore itunes backup

3. Fix iPhone Stuck on Upgrade with a Tool

Some iOS bugs could also cause the upgrade issues, thus it is a good idea to try with a reliable and safe fix tool to fix this kind of system issues on iPhone. iOS System Recovery is regarded as one of the most appreciate tools that you need. It is totally safe to use and offers the most convenient way to  fix iOS upgrade issue. Below are the core features of iOS System Recovery.

Key Features of iOS System Recovery


  • This tool is dedicated to fix a variety of iOS issues for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, such as iPhone upgrade failed, restart loops, iPhone is stuck on black/white screen, recovery/DFU mode, etc.
  • The existed data on your device will not be affected after the fixing process.
  • It supports the newest iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max running iOS 12.
  • It offers intelligent interface which is easy for you to use.


How to Fix Press Home to Upgrade with OS System Recovery.

You can follow the steps below to resolve this issue with the program.

Step 1. Begin by tapping the download button, install and launch this toolkit on your computer, then select ‘iOS System Recovery’.

select ios system recovery

Step 2. Now connect your device to computer via an USB cable, click "Start" button to put your device into DFU mode or Recovery mode.

Step 3. The program will locate the corresponding firmware package for your device model. Then click the "Download" button to download the firmware package.

Step 4. When the download process is finished, the program will start the fix process automatically. After that, you device will get out of Press Home to Upgrade scree.

fix iphone randomly restarting

Part 2. Problems You May Encounter After Upgrading to iOS 12 And The Fixes

 1.  WiFi not working

If the WiFi cannot be connected, automatically disconnected, here are several methods can be tried:

  • Holding the Home/ power button for 10 seconds to reboot the device. It usually solves most problems.
  • Choose to ‘Forget the Network’ in the wi-fi connection Settings and reconnect.
  • Reset Network Settings from iPhone settings.
  • Go to Settings - Privacy - Location, find System Services on the bottom of the interface to disable and enable WLAN Networking.
  • Check to see if the router has set Mac address filtering, and then turn it off.

2. Touch screen not working

A few users complain that Phone or iPad Touch screen is occasionally not working or not responsive, try this:

  • If the iPhone is frozen, try to close it and restart it.
  • If the problem occurs on a particular App, go to the App Store and update it to the latest version, or uninstall it and re-install it.

3. Bluetooth keeps disconnecting

The same as WiFi problems, this problem also arise often after upgrading to iOS 12, with no clear reason for its development.

First, make sure the pairing process is correct, then restart the device, turn off bluetooth in the Settings and trying again.

Or check whether the connected devices number of bluetooth is up to the limit.

Finally, make sure that the firmware of the bluetooth is updated to the latest version.

4. iMessage or FaceTime cannot be activated

Some users have trouble in activating iMessage or Facetime after upgrading iOS 12, and sometimes error messages will also pop up.

Ensure that iMessage and FaceTime are correctly set with Apple ID. Whether the phone number is in the list, etc.

For iMessages, go to Settings > Send & Receive to verify if the Apple ID is set as your Email, and if the phone number is valid.

After the confirmation of the above information, try to disable iMessages from iPhone settings and enable it after a few moment.

If it is still not working, head to Settings on Reset Network Settings.

5. Notifications not working

Some users also have problems with App notification problems in iOS 12. You can check the tips below:

Check if the volume is set as silent. Then go to settings to reset the volume.

Restart the device, and check if the notification issue is caused by specific application and get it uninstalled.