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Free Solutions to Fix Messages App Crashing on iPhone in iOS 12by  Joan J. Mims  |  Tuesday September-25 2018  11:05:17

If your iPhone Messages keeps crashing suddenly or contently, you might be one of the victims of iOS 11.4 or 11 bugs or this app is attacked because someone has send the malicious messages attached with large files. To make things worse, the messages will never be successfully sent or received anymore from then on. Before the worse result emerges, you have to fix this annoying issue. Here are a few tips and tricks offered below to fix the messages app crashing problem.

1. Access Messages Through 3-D Touch

Each time you try to access and view a particular messages from the same contact, it crashes without warning. It is necessary to focus on this kind of potential problems. The specific method to this case is using 3-D Touch. Find the Message App on the screen, press and hold it with force until the function options appears, from which you can send messages to anyone you want or delete the complete messages from the specific contact. However, this method is only for the issues of a specific contact.

Note: If the 3-D Touch doesn’t appear, go to Settings-General-Accessibility and scroll down to verify that SD Touch is enabled.

2. Send Messages Via Siri

If your Message App crashes after receiving malicious messages, it’s wise to reply to this person who sent the strange messages via Siri. Keep holding the Home button on iPhone to open Siri, ask Siri to Read unread text messages or read messages and respond YES to reply to the malicious text. After that, the Message app will be normal.

3. Clear Message App Cache

Sometimes the Messages App get crashed due to running out of space on the iPhone. In this case, you need to look forward to clear the App cache to free up space. Before freeing up the space, it’s preferable to make a backup of your device in case of data loss. To clear up the message cache, you can manually open up the Message App, click on Edit, select useless texts and tap on Delete to remove the older conversations. To automatically clear Messages app cache, go to Settings, scroll down to click Messages-Keep messages, and you can choose to save the message history for 30 days, 1 Year or forever as you want.

Generally, clearing the app cache will help a lot in improving the performance.

4. Downgrade iOS Version

It is reported that the iPhone messages crashing issue can be fixed via reset all settings of iPhone (Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings). If it helps nothing, then you should try to downgrade your new iOS 11.4 version to iOS 11.3, iOS 11 or earlier versions.

Actually, it’s very risky to download iOS version. It is harmful to your device the data and settings will be erased. Thus we strongly recommend you to back up all the data and settings on prior to downgrading.

downgrade ios version

5. Fix Message App Crashing with iOS System Recovery

In case the tricks introduced above haven’t met your needs, you had better not hesitate to ask a 3rd-party tool for help. iOS System Recovery is highly recommended. It can always come in handy when your iPhone run into various issues hard to settled, such as restart loop, apps crashing or not opening, black screen, fingerprint problem, etc.


What else makes the iOS System Recovery powerful is that you will not suffer from any data loss during or after the repairing process. And your device will be in normal in a few clicks.

Let’s start to use iOS System Recovery to fix your iPhone system.

Step 1. Firstly, install the right version of this program on your MAC or Windows computer. Open it up and select ‘iOS System Recovery’.

ios system recovery

Step 2. On the fixing interface, take an USB cable to connect your abnormal iPhone to computer, click Next.

connect iphone to computer

Step 3. Check the information for your iPhone on the interface, or you can manually select the correct information and tap on ‘Repair’ to initiate the repair process. Check whether your iPhone has been repaired after the process is completed.

repair ios system

As we know, Apple develops new iOS version to fix old bugs existing on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. However, there will still be some unsolved issues left over, just like what we discussed in this post: iPhone message app crashing. Let us know which trick has offered a help below.