iPhone Stuck on Black Screen with Spinning Wheel? 6 Tips to Fix It

After the testing for a few months, Apple has finally released iOS 13 beta and iOS 13. Finally, various problems arise after the release of the new version, including flashlight not working, apps crash or not opening, QuickStart not working, etc. Recently, more and more iPhone users have revealed online that their iPhone got stuck on black screen with spinning wheel. Actually, it doesn’t happen very often, but it is not rare at the point in iOS upgrading. Most users may nasty like on hot pot ant and could not wait to have it repaired in Apple store. In reality, there is no real need for that unless it is a hardware issue. Here we cover 6 tips and tricks to fix the iPhone black screen with spinning wheel issue.

iphone black screen with spinning wheel

Option 1. Reset All Settings (The Most Effective)

To reset all settings on iPhone, click on Settings> General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Enter the unlock passcode as repaired, then click on ‘Reset All Settings’ again. Then system settings will be reset. Any documents, files, data, or apps will not be erased or deleted. If the problem is not resolved after the reset, try it again (Be careful not to select ‘Erase All the Content and Settings’, or all the data on the phone will be cleared).

reset all settings iphone

Option 2. Force Restart the Device

It is recommended to force restart the device to avoid recurrence of the problem after reset all settings. The forced restart method for different models is various as follow:

For iPhone 7 or earlier: Keep pressing both the Home button and Power button until the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus: Press and hold Volume button and Power button until the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X: Press and quickly release the Volume Up and Volume Down button. Then press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

turn off and turn on iphone

Option 3. Disable App Notifications

That the iPhone get black screen with spinning wheel may also be significantly associated with the App notifications. You can temporarily turn off notifications for all apps and then enable the notification one by one to check which app notification it is that causes the issue. Here is how to do it.

Step 1. Open up Settings, tap on Notifications.

Step 2. Tap specific App, drag the ‘Allow Notifications’ to the Off position.

disable notification


Option 4. Change Date and Time (Not Recommended)

The internet is abuzz with rumors that change data and time on iPhone will resolve the problem. But after the actual measurement, we found that this method can not completely solve the iOS 12 black screen spinning wheel problem. On the contrary, it will cause problems such as browser errors, the App Store cannot be opened normally, which complicates the problem.

change date time

Option 5. Fix iPhone Stuck on Spinning Wheel without Any Data Loss

You can consider to moving onto this option if reset all settings and force restart are not working. FoneGeek iOS System Recovery is designed to get rid of various typical problems and bring the device to normal performance.

iOS System Recovery – Fix iPhone issues without data loss:

  • Fix different iPhone system issues, like black screen, loop boot, white apple, freezing issue, etc.
  • Not data loss, any data will not be affected.
  • Support all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Fully compatible with iOS 13 and earlier versions.


Steps to fix iPhone spinning wheel black screen issue

Step 1. Download the fix program on the computer. After the installation has been finished, double click the program icon to launch it. Then select ‘Repair’.

choose recovery mode

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to computer via an USB cable and the device will be recognized by the program. Tap on ‘Start’ within the software to initial the process.

device information

Step 3. Check the device information on the interface. To fix the system issue, the latest firmware needs to be installed. Just click ‘Fix Now’ to fix your iPhone.

fix now

Option 6. Restore iPhone Using iTunes

Restore iPhone system with iTunes is another potential way to remove minor bugs for iPhone. Remember to back up your iPhone in advance. Here is how you can do to restore your iPhone with iTunes:

Step 1. Open the latest version of iTunes and connect the device to computer.

Step 2. When the device is detected by the program, click on the device icon and tap on ‘Summary’. Under the Backups column, select ‘Restore iPhone’, then choose the latest iTunes backup and click on ‘Restore’ to wait for the process to end.  


Take a look at the 5 options mentioned above and choose the most effective one according to your needs. Or leave us a comment below if you have any other better ideas on fixing the iPhone black screen with spinning wheel issue.


By Joan J. Mims

Posted on May 05, 2018, 14:19:16

Joan J. Mims is interested in researching all tips about iPhone, iPad and Android. He loves to share useful ideas with all users.