Top 7 Ways to Fix iOS 14 Download and Install Button Grayed Out Issue

Upgrading iPhone to the latest iOS 14 is equivalent to reinstalling the device system. However, some users have experienced update failure issue during the update process. In recent days, there is a thorny problem occurring when upgrading the iOS version, that is the download and install button greyed out. And apparently, it impacts the installation process. Before getting yourself into a complete flap, the easy and useful tips below will get you out of the crap.

download and install greyed out

How to Fix Download and Install Button Grayed Out in iOS 14

1. Ensure Strong Network Connection

The download and install button may be grayed out if your iPhone is connected with a poor WiFi or cellular data. Thus, confirm that the device is connected with a strong network connection before upgrading to iOS 14. Here are mainly 3 methods to ensure a strong network connection.

1.1. Turn Off and Turn On WiFi

Step 1. Go to iPhone Settings and click on WiFi.

Step 2. Disabled an enable WiFi on this WiFi connection interface.

turn off and turn on wifi

You can also turn on Wi-Fi Assist if the "Download and Install" button is still grayed out.

1.2. Reset Network Settings

The 2nd method for you is to reset network settings. After the network is reset, all relevant network settings on the device will be reset to factory defaults.

Step 1. On your Settings app, click "General".

Step 2. On the General Settings interface, tap on "Reset".

Step 3. Click on "Reset Network Settings".

reset network settings

1.3. Switch to Another iPhone

If there is still the problem of "iOS 14 Download and Install button grayed out" after switching to another network, you can have a try to perform the update on a different iPhone to check if the issue occurs due to the network issue.

2. Confirm If There is Enough Storage

The large storage will be occupied to install a new iOS update. So the 2nd constructive suggestion we offer to you is to check your iPhone storage when the "Download and Install" button grayed out during the iOS 14 update. Here are the steps to confirm iPhone storage:

Step 1. Click on "Settings" > "General".

Step 2. Tap on "iPhone storage" and you will see the remaining storage on the device. It is recommended to reserve at least 1GB before upgrading.

check iphone storage

3. Check iPhone Power

In general, when updating the latest version of the iOS operating system, the power is one of the key factors that cannot be ignored. If you do not follow the instructions, it may cause great potential damage to your iOS device. The iPhone power is so important that Apple itself will not allow users to force a new iOS 14 system update when the battery is low.

It is a little risky to update if you found that the iPhone's power is less than 50%. For example, the download and install button may get grayed out and the iPhone may be out of power during the update process. So before updating, make sure that the device has enough power, or it's better to plug the device directly into the power supply.

4. Download and Install iOS 14 Firmware with iTunes

The steps described above show you basic tricks to get rid of the "Download and Install" button grayed out issue. Some users may still find this issue when they intend to install iOS 14. If so, iTunes shall be used.

In some cases, we must use iTunes to update iOS. For example, the download and install button is grayed out, there is not enough space on the iPhone, there is no Wi-Fi around to update the iPhone, etc. Not much to say, let's show you how to use iTunes to download and install iOS 14 on your iPhone.

Preparation before iOS 14 update:

  • A Windows or Mac OSX computer and USB cable.
  • The latest version of iTunes.

Back Up iPhone before iOS Upgrade:

When upgrading, it is recommended to back up the iPhone data to avoid abnormalities after the upgrade.

iPhone data can be backed up by iTunes or iCloud. It is recommended to safely back up iPhone through iTunes since there is no the limitation of storage and it is very convenient to restore an iTunes backup.

restore ios system

Download and Install iOS 14 with iTunes:

Step 1. Install iTunes software on your computer and upgrade it to the latest version.

Step 2. After installation, open iTunes through your computer and connect to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. In the upper left corner, the iPhone icon will pop up. Click the button.

Step 3. On the summary interface, click on "Check for Update" and the newest iOS 14 firmware will be updated to your iPhone.

check for update

5. Update iOS 14 with a Reliable 3rd-Party Tool

After going through the method above, you shall know how to download and install iOS 14 firmware with iTunes. But there are always different kinds of issues occurring when using iTunes for the update.

To avoid the problems, you can use FoneGeek iOS System Recovery to execute the whole update process without any interruption. No data will get lost after the iOS 14 upgrade. Besides iOS update, it can also fix any iOS issues arise during or after the update. And this program stands out in this industry for its perfect performance.


Step 1. Get this program downloaded to your computer by clicking the download button above. Then install and launch it.

connect ios device

Step 2. Ensure that your device is connected with the PC with an official cord and tap on "Repair Operating System".

repiar operating system

Step 3. The latest firmware package will be listed for you to download by hitting on "Download". When the whole process is finished, the iOS 14 firmware will be downloaded and installed on your iPhone.

download firmware


By Fay J. Melton

Posted on Aug 08, 2019, 22:27:41

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