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[2023 Update] Why is My Location Wrong on My iPhone?

We get a lot of requests from users complaining about connectivity and GPS issues on their iPhones. Some of them complain that their GPS navigation places them about 12 miles in the opposite direction they are supposed to be. Wrong location on iPhone is a real head-scratcher, but it does happen.

However, there are a few different reasons of an iPhone location being wrong, but there are ways to fix this.

Read on to find out the reason your iPhone is showing the wrong navigation history. We’d also give you some tips for fixing this issue and talk a little bit more about location service on iPhone.

location wrong on iphone

1. Reasons Why Your iPhone Shows the Wrong Navigation History

The navigation tool of iPhone is what makes it loved by many in addition to its other versatile functionality. Here are some reasons why your iPhone may be showing a wrong navigation history.

Network or signal problems

The navigation system in iPhone depends heavily on a stable internet connection. So, if the network connectivity is impeded, the GPS will begin to act up.

Faulty updates

If the updates you got on your iPhone are bugged, this can also affect the navigation service. It is easier to track back this problem because when the faulty updates finish off, it will be quite noticeable.

Switch on location service restrictions

As a result of privacy and security concerns, you may have to restrict, disable, or deny an application from accessing your current location. This may cause your iPhone to have issues with keeping accurate navigation history.

2. Why Is My Location Wrong on My iPhone?

Here are some common reasons why your iPhone may provide you with incorrect location information:

iPhone thinks that you are in a different city?

Commonly, iOS 9.4 and 9.3 users reported having GPS issues. If your device is reporting you somewhere else when you are not, then something is wrong. In such cases, find out what happened to your location services.

An easy way to resolve this issue is to toggle the Location Services on. When Location Services is off, you are more likely to face this problem. If you don't want a particular application to obtain your location, you can turn it off for that app.

So even when your Location is turned on, such an app wouldn't be able to access your location in the background.

GPS not functioning properly

Another reason why you may be struggling with the wrong location on your iPhone is that GPS isn't functioning properly. This often happens after an update, and the phone needs some time to sort things out.

If the problem persists after several hours, try resetting network settings. If you notice that it happens on a particular app, then update that app to the latest version. But if it doesn't, then you should carry out a soft reset on your iPhone.

Find My iPhone not updating the location

Find My iPhone is a location-based app that helps locate your iPhone when misplaced or stolen. Find My iPhone gives users the ability to pinpoint the exact location of the iPhone. However, for some reason, Find My iPhone may not work properly to display accurate location information.

Find My iPhone is a great feature but if you are not active on iCloud, it wouldn’t work properly. Also, if there is no internet connection on iPhone, Find My iPhone will not update the current location of the iPhone. And if the iPhone is switched off, Find My iPhone will show the last visited location before the device was switched off.

3. Other Tips for Fixing Wrong GPS Issue on iPhone

Before troubleshooting your iPhone, ensure the time and date are correct, sometimes it may be the reason for the wrong GPS issue. Also, it may help to switch from LTE to 3G network options. Other tricks you can try out include.

Quit and restart your GPS app

If you’re experiencing some minor glitches associated with GPS when using some application, consider closing the application and restarting it.

To force stop the app, head to settings, scroll down to apps, locate the app, click on it, and then tap force stop. But before you restart it, head to the App Store to update the app first.

Reset and Restore Factory Settings

Reset and restore factory settings should be a last resort because it deletes every data from your iPhone. Resetting and restoring factory settings is key to fixing tough malware and bugs if they are to blame.

To reset your iPhone, head to settings, scroll down to general, tap reset, select the Erase all content and settings option, enter your passcode and then tap confirm to factory reset.

erase all content settings

Backup and restore from iTunes

If after resetting your iPhone, the location is still wrong, then try doing a backup and restore from iTunes.

To do that, plug your iPhone into your PC via an USB. Open iTunes, and select your iPhone when it syncs with iTunes. Choose the Restore Backup option and follow the prompt message.

backup and restore from itunes

4. Learn More about Location Service on iPhone

iOS security and privacy settings enable users to regulate how certain applications access information stored and collected by iPhone. For instance, social media apps like TikTok and Snapchat need to have access to your device camera for uploading photos and videos. This is the same way the location service function works.

Location Services lets users regulate which app has access to their location information. These apps could be anything from maps to weather. When this feature is enabled, a black and white arrow will appear on the status bar. The accuracy of this feature depends greatly on your device data service.


If after trying out all the fixes in this article and you still facing wrong location issues, then it could be an hardware-related issue. Perhaps the GPS chip has gone bad, which could because your device was exposed to some liquid or recurrent hard drops. Whatever the reason might be, you should take your device to a certified Apple Support service.

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