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WhatsApp Backup to iCloud Stuck? 4 Quick Solutions to Fix it

by  Joan J. Mims  |  Tuesday September-18 2018  11:14:11

What has made whatsApp become one of the most widely-used instant messengers is its conveniences. Everyone can use it send and deliver texts or media files to their friends, family members. If you are familiar with whatsApp, you will know that it allows users to automatically backup and restore the whatsApp chat history, which is particularly useful when it comes to recovering deleted whatsApp messages or transfering whatsApp conversations from one phone to another. An error of "whatsapp backup to icloud stuck" may occur if the backup file is too huge or the network disconnection.

What would you do if you happened to suffer from such an issue? There are many tips you can try to fix whatsapp iCloud backup stuck.

Tip 1. Check iCloud storage

iCloud supplies free storage of 5GB for backup. The backup session will fail if the data size of backup file exceeds the iCloud storage limit. You need to check the iCloud storage to see how much you have left.

For iOS 10.3 or later, go to Settings > iCloud, and click on iCloud Storage or Manage Storage.

For iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage.

The backup will not succeed if you run out of the free iCloud storage, what you need is to free up the iCloud space or buy more iCloud storage.

Tip 2. Check network settings

Another reasion for this error may be internet connection. A stable internet connection is required during the iCloud backup process, or the backup will also be interrupted.

To check whether the network is well connected or working properly, open a browser the check whether the page can be loaded smoothly. If the page doesn't load, go to settings on iPhone, tap “General.”-“Reset.”-“Reset Network Settings.” to reset the network to factory defaults.This way can always fix network errors.

check network settings

Tip 3. Upgrade iOS version

One of the measures to avoid this type of iPhone issues is to upgade iOS to the newest version. For example, the newest iOS 11.4 has come with a variety of new features and has also fixed several bugs for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, such as what has mentioned in this post: whatsApp backup to iCloud stuck, etc. You can go to Settings - General -Software Update to check for update. Before the update, it is recommended to make a full backup of all the iPhone data in case of data loss during the update process.

upgrade ios version

Tip 4. An alternative to back up WhatsApp without iCloud

iTunes is not recommended if you wish to back up only WhatsApp messages, as iTunes will back up the whole data rather than only WhatsApp messages. This is also the reason why another software is introduced. With this iPhone Backup and Restore tool, your WhatsApp messages will be backed up separately and the new backup file will not overwrite the previous backup. And the whole data is also allowed to be backed up in one click.

Features of Backup & Restore iOS:

  • Back up the whole data or back up merely WhatsApp messages, Kik, Viber, Line data in one click.
  • Preview and selectively export different types of data on iPhone to computer.
  • All models of iOS devices are supported, including iPhone X/8/8 Plus.
  • Restore only WhatsApp backup files or restore all the backup files to iPhone/iPad or Android devices.

How to back up WhatsApp with this Backup & Restore software

Step 1. Ensure that this software is installed on your Mac or Window. Connect iPhone to computer then select ‘Backup & Restore’.

Step 2. On the new interface, select ‘WhatsApp Backup & Restore’. To back up WhatsApp, click the option of ‘Backup WhatsApp Messages’.

Step 3. Tap on ‘Backup’ after the successful connection between the iPhone and computer.

Step 4. The backup process will take for a moment. Just relax and enjoy a cup of tea. The software will automatically remind you after the whole process. Now you can click on ‘View it’ to browse the backup file saved on your computer.

Bonus Tip: How to Restore Only WhatsApp messages to iOS device

Step 1. Follow on the first 2 steps of the method above, click the option of ‘Restore WhatsApp messages to iOS Device’.

Step 2. On this interface, select the WhatsApp backup file that you made just now and ensure that your iOS device is well connected with computer.

Step 3. Click ‘Next’ to scan the backup file that you selected. After the scanning, you can preview and choose what you want to restore to your iOS device.