(2021 Guide) How to Access iPhone Backup without iPhone

It is not rare to lose an important photo, messages or any otheritem oniPhone. We all know it can happen due to various circumstanceslike a wrong tap, corrupted firmware or other incidents. Therefore, we all try to stay awaywith such situation by creating backups. You must have also made iteither using iTunes or iCloud if you'rewell aware on this.

However, you cannot access your backup unless you restore your iPhone from the backup. Therefore many of you may want to know how youcan access the backup without iPhone because sometimes you may just want to check part of the data and don't want to restore iPhone, or you just have no iPhone with you currently. Considering this, we have brought something important inthis article like accessing the backup even when you don't have iPhone with youor how you can check the last backup etc. So, stay tuned and get to know howyou can access your iPhone backupwithout having iPhone itself.

1. How Do I Check When My Last iPhone Backup Was?

It is really simple to know when you last made your backup. You can easilylearn the last time you made backup on your iCloud or iTunes. You just need tofollow the simple steps mentioned below.

If you want to Check Last iCloud Backup

  • Open 'Settings' in your iPhone/iPad and tap on your Apple ID at the top.
  • Tap 'iCloud' afterwards and choose 'Backup' then.
  • Now, you will see a 'Back Up Now' option and just below it, you will notice the last backup information. This was how to check last iPhone backup in iCloud.

iCloud backup

If you want to Check Last iTunes Backup

On Mac:

Open iTunes and click 'Preferences'. Go to the 'Devices' tab. Youwill now get to see the details of all the backups you've made so far.

On Windows:

Run iTunes and choose 'Edit'. Go to 'Preferences' followed by'Devices' option. The rest will be the same. This way you can check your lastbackup.

check iTunes backup time

2. How to Access iPhone Backup without iPhone

To fulfill the need of accessingiPhone backup without iPhone, the best tool that can be of greatassistance will be FoneGeek Backup & Restore (iOS). This third-party tool aims toaccomplish the tasks of backup and restoreiOS data selectively. It can help you to access iPhone backup without iPhone with its viewing and extracting functionalities. You can access up to 18 andeven more data types with the help of FoneGeek. The tool supports the Windowsand Mac operating systems equally well. Additionally, it is fully safe to useand there is no chance of data loss at all while using FoneGeek. Here are thesteps to access iPhone backup withoutiPhone.


Step 1 – Make sure to download the correctversion of FoneGeek i.e. Windows version when you're having Windows and Mac forMac OS. After downloading, install it and then open it to begin the process.From the panel of the main interface, choose 'Backup & Restore' option.

Step 2 – You will now observe the screenwhich will provide you with the data types. Choose the data types you want toaccess and hit on 'Back Up' button.

choose a data type

Step 3 – The program will now begin towork on scanning your data. You can now select the data that you want to exportand hit on the 'Export to Computer' button. Within a while, the entire selected data willbe exported to your PC and you will be able to access iPhone backup without iPhone.

restore the backup to device or pc


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